Democrat Madeleine Dean to Amend Financial report in Montco Congress Race

Joseph N. DiStefano, Posted: September 19, 2018

Like a lot of candidates seeking votes in the November elections, state Rep. Madeleine Dean, the lawyer and former LaSalle University English professor whom Democrats chose to run in Montgomery County’s Fourth Congressional District, says there ought to be more well-paid jobs for U.S. workers.

“We can and must grow our economy,” Dean said in announcing her campaign. She called for “good-paying jobs. Strong union jobs. A livable wage.” She faces Republican Dan David in November’s general election for the seat, which has no incumbent, in a district with more Democrats than Republicans.

The Voters Deserve to Know

  • Don’t the voters deserve to know when she will amend her filing and release it to the public?
  • Is she purposely trying to deceive the electorate and members of the media?
  • Why did she not disclose that Jadeland, a holding company that is her largest asset, was registered in the British Virgin Islands tax haven, as REQUIRED BY LAW?
  • Who are the non-US citizens that are partners in Jadeland?
  • Who controls Jadeland and why was it established in the British Virgin Islands, a tax haven?
  • Will she amend past financial disclosure forms that have been filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State?

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