$20 Million Chinese Money has been paid to Madeleine Dean's Family Business During Her Campaign

Madeleine Dean's Family Business During Her Campaign
  • During Dean’s campaign, IdealBike, a company based in Taiwan, China, invested $20 million into her family business which she valued at $1.5 million to $3.5 million in her financial disclosure statement. How could this Taiwan-based company have paid a sum 5.7 to 13.3 times higher than Dean’s valuation?
  • Both the current chairman and founder of IdealBike are under criminal investigations, the latter having been convicted in Taiwan. In the midst of these investigations, why did IdealBike pay Dean’s family business $20 million, which is more than 40% of IdealBike’s current valuation?
  • In 2017 IdealBike raised $20 million from undisclosed investors and in turn paid $20 million to Dean’s family business at the beginning of 2018. Who are those undisclosed investors and why did they make this investment with IdealBike while their chairman and founder are under criminal investigations?
  • After the Sept. 19th Philadelphia Inquirer article, Dean still refused to disclose her non-U.S. partners at Jadeland Pacific, her biggest family asset based in the tax-haven British Virgin Islands. What is hiding in the British Virgin Islands surrounding Jadeland Pacific?
  • Madeleine Dean’s family business manufactures bicycles in a factory in China where workers are paid $2.20 an hour, while earning her millions. Does Dean’s political view conveniently serve her interest or that of the American people?

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C-1. 2017 Annual Report-IdealBike
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C-4. 201701_IdealBike-CB Offering
C-5. 201711_IdealBike-Share Offering
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C-7. 07052018 Taipei Local Court Judgement

C-8. 08112017 Taipei Local Court Judgement
C-9. 11052015 Taiwan Supreme Court Judgement
C-10. 10122015 Taiwan High Court Judgement
C-11. 07172014 Taiwan High Court Judgement
D-1. M.Dean financial disclosure
D-2. Amended M.Dean financial disclosure