Dan David's Financial Initiatives

Den David started his career from scratch, so he knows how important support can be for people in their early development stages. As a college graduate, he understands the need for a good education. As a businessman, he is interested in developing the business and bringing income and prosperity to our community. Therefore, he came up with several initiatives that, according to Mr. David, can improve our community, making it more developed and comfortable for life.

Affordable Education

Children are our future. And Mr. David is convinced that investing in children's future is the parents' main investment. But the government also should not stand aside and support children's interest in higher education.

However, Mr. David also understands that the cost of education in the United States is too harsh for every citizen. Therefore, he proposes establishing a range of affordable long-term loans for those who cannot provide for a child on the way to higher education. And also to develop a fund to help talented youth so that you do not stop on the path to success due to lack of funds.

Small Business Support

Mr. David knows how hard it can be to start something of your own. So many talented and enterprising people stay in offices and do not reveal their talent because they are afraid of burning out. And they are so scared that they will not have enough money to open their own business.

Therefore, Den David initiates the creation of an investment group that will advise beginner entrepreneurs. In addition, the group will finance the most successful ideas at the initial stage with the most favorable conditions.

Tax Cuts For The Self-Employed

Self-employed people dare to take on something on their own, to build, albeit a small business. Yet, at the same time, the tax for the self-employed is exceptionally high, as if punishing these people for their determination and courage.

Dan David believes that the self-employed tax should be reduced. It will not only ease the burden on the self-employed, who devote all their time and energy to their own business. It will also allow "freed-up" funds to remain in the state, flow from buyers to sellers and increase turnover in the economy.

Affordable Medical Care

Mr. David would like to see our community happy and healthy. But it's no secret that medical services in the US are expensive. It is also not a secret that millions of people fall into debt pits solely because they "dared" to get sick without having enough money. So, in addition to putting people in a difficult situation, the nation is more unhealthy. People delay doctor visits until the last minute, but everyone knows that the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the easier it is to cure.

Therefore, Den David suggests, firstly, making the first consultation with a therapist free of charge. Of course, doctors cannot always make a diagnosis after a short conversation and a few symptoms. However, the doctor will most likely be able to determine the severity of the disease and the timing when it would be worth passing the necessary tests and starting treatment. Even a common cold can have severe consequences if treated incorrectly or at the wrong time.

In addition, Mr. David insists on easing requirements for medical loans, including for people with bad credit. Health is not something that should depend on past financial mistakes, as well as not something that creditors should profit from. Fixing interest rates around 5-6% would make it much easier for people to take out a medical loan and repay it on time.