Any national immigration policy should put the interests of our country and citizens first. We support securing borders and oppose any attempts to make either Montgomery or Berks a sanctuary county. While being a “sanctuary” sounds compassionate, we should realize this violates Federal law and comes at the cost of legal immigrants and American citizens paying more for less social services. We cannot pick and choose which laws we decide to follow – either we change the law or follow it. We should create a path to citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants that protects their legal status.

Immigrants who enter our southern border illegally are often forced to deal with drug cartels or other dangerous criminal elements that are involved with human trafficking. The current system fails these people and the American worker.

I am the son of an immigrant and also have ancestors who fought in the American Revolution. I know immigrants have made great contributions to our county and culture and have overcome many obstacles. We should be selecting the very best from around the world that, like us, wish to pursue the American dream.